A keen eye for detail and a command of complexity

All our products are hand-finished

We have the necessary machines and processes in place to effectively and flexibly meet our customers’ production needs, whether it be a handful of units or over 50,000 units per year.

Our core competencies mean that customers can expect a product with a high-grade, flawless finish as well as impeccable quality monitoring throughout the entire production process: from the manufacture of the mould right up to mass production and prototype validation.

With four decades of experience, we are able to seamlessly combine rubber with other components and offer a superlative, detailed finishing. In addition, we never outsource the assembly and mounting of technically complex components.

At Mestel, not all of the work can be entrusted to machines. Highly trained members of our team painstakingly finish all products by hand. It is this keen attention to detail that luxury brands value and expect.