Materials and technology

We never stop innovating

Mestel - Innovation Reebber
At Mestel, we take environmental issues seriously. We’ve developed a solution to recycle our rubber off-cuts and integrate them into recycled products. This sustainable approach opens a world of opportunities for our clients.

Pack design & product packaging

To provide the highest standard of services to our clients in the watchmaking sector, we’ve developed and patented a unique packaging solution to transport watches which includes an airtight seal, product protection, and an area containing the official product warranty.

3D Printing

We are progressively rolling out 3D printing across all our processes. Not only will this technology have a positive effect on our product costs, but it will also allow us to expand the choice of high-quality finishes we offer.

À la carte

Known for its durability, elastomer-sourced products represent an attractive solution for our clients for whom we then develop ‘à la carte’ solutions.